[Repost] Review: LA Noire

Here’s an old review for the still brilliant game LA Noire, that I wrote and published for the PSP Demo Center orignally in 2011.

After years of waiting and anticipation, L.A. Noire has finally made it’s release onto PlayStation 3. The game’s creators promised us ground breaking game-play and innovation all round, but does it deliver?
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Nature vs. Modern

I’ve always felt like the modern world has become very plastic. Everything from roads, houses and bridges to phones, laptops and sofas look awful when dropped on the gorgeous vista that is the natural world around us. Escapism is a need for many of us who live in cities and face the harsh concrete world daily. A recent design trend in mobile technology makes me feel like we may not need to escape after all.

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[Listen To This] Tchami – After Life (feat. Stacy Barthe)

Over the years I have enjoyed many music genres, mostly all in the vein of Electronic Dance Music.

A recent obsession of mine has been from the future house scene, emerging recently from the euphoric DJ’s Tchami and Oliver Heldens. It’s a new, unique sound which takes influence from deep house, big room and many other established genres in dance music.

Tchami’s latest cut is called ‘After Life’, featuring the chilling vocals of Stacy Barthe. It’s his next big track following the brilliant ‘Promesses’, which even found itself in the UK top 10 back in January.

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A little introduction…

So this is step one into the world of blogging online…

Hello, my names Mason, I am 20 years old and from the rainy paradise that is the United Kingdom.

I have always have had a passion for writing, frequently begging my year 6 teacher to introduce, and then extend free writing hours in class every week. My eleven-year-old self would write away right through the time at school and then into the evening at home with stories, articles, reviews and everything I could imagine. I even wrote a whole book on a game I would like to have had created for the then unheard-of PS4 (Maybe I should start a Kickstarter campaign?). It blended in aspects of Grand Theft Auto, James Bond, Whiplash, and massive robots, much like the levels found in my favourite childhood game Ratchet & Clank. After taking my passion for gaming to my teenage years I started localling a website that hosted PSP demos, and that resulted in me moderating the community, and then publishing my own reviews for games for many years.

I feel as if having an interest of what I am writing about motivates me in pursuing this hobby further. So this blog will be covering everything I find interesting when I think and write it. There is no financial motivation from writing, or topic I am trying to cover in depth. I imagine I will be one of the many millions who likely do not even surprass a few fly-by onlookers. But I enjoy expressing an opinion, creating stories from the imagination and trying to help out a few people too with whatever I can as just 1 indiviual who is lucky to have the internet as his disposal.